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Meet the Sassy Solids collection!

March 24, 2014 0 Comments

There is no denying it - we love patterns and bold colors! So when customers asked me to create some solid color headboards I happily accepted the challenge. I can do solids, but solids with attitude!



So the Sassy Solids collection was born. Sassy stands for lively, bold, full of spirit, and cheeky - perfect!

I selected some beautiful colors from the Pantone rainbow and paired them with wonderful and rich textures, such as knit, fur, wood, leather, feathers and roses.

The result are solid color designs with depth and character.

I love them and hope you will too. I am proposing a handful of designs to start, but any combination of texture and color is possible, and I am happy to create your very own version, just let me know what you fancy!



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