Douglas McRobb

Bring the photography of Douglas McRobb into your bedroom design when you choose one of his photographs for your custom headboard.

Douglas McRobb is a photographer living in New York City. He started taking pictures a couple of years ago when his personal life and career were on a collision course. His heart was breaking; his writing stunk. Then he broke his foot. In this world where speed is everything, Douglas now had to go slowly.

He took short walks on crutches in his neighborhood taking snapshots with a cheap 35 mm film camera.  He saw people and things that he'd rushed past every day for years. His best photographs are telling moments of untold stories of life in the streets of the city.

Douglas McRobb's work is currently on exhibit at Art! Gallery in Troy, NY. His photograph "Trying To Find A Payphone" will be in the Fall Issue of Inkwell Magazine. Douglas is also a writer and was the Co-creator, Executive Producer and Head Writer of the television series Radio Free Roscoe. He started and runs Lost And Found Productions.


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